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Is bacteria harmful for your Dentures?

Is bacteria harmful for your Dentures?

Author: Canadian Dentures/Wednesday, May 6, 2015/Categories: Denture Info

Maintaining a simple, daily care routine and regularly visiting your dentist or other oral health care professional are all you need to wear your dentures with confidence as you perform your daily activities. But like original teeth, dentures can also accumulate plaque. Additionally, dentures can cause the plaque to settle underneath the gum line, making cleaning harder and increasing the risk for cavities, especially if you have exposed root surfaces. 
So, what is plaque?
Plaque refers to the film of bacteria and saliva that collects on hard surfaces inside your mouth. So, it collects on both natural teeth and dentures. Plaque appears as a colourless or whitish coating either over the surface of dentures, or as a deposit on natural teeth where they meet the gums. 
How does the buildup affect your health?
While plaque is a mixture of saliva and bacteria, it contains a huge amount of the latter. Proper cleaning of your dentures on a daily basis typically helps to keep the harmful effects of these bacteria at bay. But once the plaque is left in place for more than 24 hours, it releases toxic substances that can result in gum inflammation. 
If you have natural teeth, the toxic substances will cause gums around each tooth to become red and inflamed, and start to bleed when you brush. For those who wear dentures, plaque buildup on the denture will cause the whole area of your mouth covered by the denture to be at risk of inflammation. 
In severe cases, the inflammation may advance to a chronic form of thrush. 
The buildup of plaque can also cause bad breath, due to the smelly gases released by the bacteria. If you don't brush and floss your teeth properly, you can suffer from persistent bad breath due to the combined action of bacteria and rotting of bits of food caught between the teeth. 
With regular check-ups, your dental team will be able to detect any problems early and manage them effectively before they escalate into more serious problems.

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