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Transform Your Smile with Full Mouth Reconstruction

Transform Your Smile with Full Mouth Reconstruction

Author: Canadian Dentures/Wednesday, July 13, 2016/Categories: Tips & Tricks

Do you look in the mirror and hate your smile? If you have missing teeth or other problems with your teeth that make you feel unattractive, a full mouth reconstruction could be the solution. Also called full mouth rehabilitation, the process is a combination of procedures that will correct all of the cosmetic and structural problems your teeth have. One of the most important aspects of full mouth rehabilitation is to replace missing teeth. If you don’t replace them, your other teeth can shift out of position and your situation will eventually become worse.

In the past, replacing teeth meant getting a dental bridge or dentures. Today, dental implants are an increasingly popular option. The first step is to have an exam and consultation with a denture specialist. At Canadian Denture Centres, our denturists can help you decide which option is best for replacing your teeth. Dental implants are permanent, but not everyone is a good candidate for implants. Implants work best for people who have only recently lost teeth and have a good amount of healthy bone in their jaws. If you lost teeth long ago, you may not have enough strong bone to support implants. 

Dentures and partials are still a good option for replacing teeth. They cost less than implants and are ideal for people who are not candidates for implants due to health or other issues. The only wrong choice you can make when it comes to replacing missing teeth is to not have them replaced at all. In addition to causing teeth shifting, leaving open gaps where teeth used to be can cause problems with oral hygiene and lead to bacterial buildup, and it can also cause problems with chewing and potentially lead to jaw problems or symptoms of TMJ disorder. Remember that the transformation of your appearance when you replace missing teeth goes along with an improvement to your oral health.

For people with missing teeth, there is nothing more exhilarating than the transformation of their smile. Having a great smile improves your self-esteem along with your oral and physical health. Call Canadian Denture Centres now to learn more about full mouth reconstruction and how we can help.

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