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Treating the Inevitable Morning Breath

Treating the Inevitable Morning Breath

Author: Canadian Dentures/Wednesday, August 17, 2016/Categories: Tips & Tricks

We all worry about morning breath, but one thing you may not realize is that it is not always inevitable. You can do something about it. The fact is that there are many different causes of bad breath. Once you know the cause, you can greatly reduce it or even eliminate it entirely. 

When you go to sleep at night, you are producing unsubstantial saliva, drinking less, and not eating. These give the bacteria that was left behind in your mouth a chance to grow, which will have a major effect on the odor in your mouth when you wake up. If you are a mouth breather, you may find that your morning breath is even worse as the mouth gets so dry that bacteria has a greater chance to grow. 

The most common cause of bad breath also known as halitosis is bad oral hygiene. To reduce the amount of bacteria in your mouth, it is extremely important to practice good dental hygiene before you go to bed, even when you do not have natural teeth. Brushing the inside of your mouth and your tongue and rinsing with a mouthwash should be part of your nightly routine. The least amount of bacteria in your mouth will mean a lot less odor coming from your mouth. 

If you currently do all of the above and still have problems with halitosis, you may need to make an appointment with your denturist. They can do an exam to look for hidden issues, such as sores from your dentures. If any issues are discovered during an exam, you can get the proper treatment which should make a noticeable improvement when you get up in the morning. 

It may seem like it's inevitable to wake up with extreme halitosis, but if you do practice good oral hygiene and try something to reduce your mouth breathing at night, you can lessen it. Nobody wants to wake up and start a new day with a bad odor coming from their mouth. With the right care, you will no longer have to.  If you have any concerns about waking up with halitosis, contact Canadian Denture & Implant Centres today.

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