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What are Hybrid Dentures?

What are Hybrid Dentures?

Author: Canadian Dentures/Wednesday, July 27, 2016/Categories: Denture Info

As the name implies, a hybrid denture combines the benefits of both dental implants and a traditional removable denture. They provide an option for patients who have too much bone loss in their jaw or too many teeth that need replacing to be considered for individual implants. 

The Basics of Hybrid Dentures:

A hybrid denture, also known as a fixed removable denture, rests on your gums similar to a traditional denture; however, it is secured using screws. This eliminates the clacking, loss of taste, and slippage often associated with a traditional denture. You do not even have to remove the denture for daily cleaning.

To prepare you for your dentures, your denturist will place a number of dental implants in your jaw bone. Most patients require four to six implants for the top of their mouth and a similar number for the bottom. In some instances, a structural bar may be used to provide added support. Once your gums have healed around the implants, your custom-fitted denture is secured to the screws in the implants. Once in place, the denture can only be removed by your denturist. It is important that the denture fit properly to prevent damage to the denture or bone loss around the implants. 

Important Considerations:

A fixed removable denture stays secure even when chewing. Most patients find that they are less bulky than a traditional denture. The denture fits tightly on the gum, but it is still possible for bacteria and food debris to become trapped between the denture and the gums, which can cause some discomfort until you can have the denture removed by a denturist. It is necessary to have your fixed removable dentures professionally cleaned on a regular basis just like natural teeth.

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