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What's the difference between Porcelain and Plastic False Teeth?

Dentures are made with either porcelain or plastic false teeth. These two materials differ in terms of durability, strength, hygiene, and other factors. Here‘s a list of how these two differ from one another:
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Porcelain vs. Acrylic Dentures

As we look back on 2014, one of our top articles was "Porcelain vs. Acrylic Teeth".  This article sparked a lot of interest as for many years Porcelain teeth were the tooth of choice. However, as Acrylic teeth have advanced over the years, they do have some clear benefits over porcelain teeth. 

What are the differences between porcelain & acrylic teeth?
Which type of tooth lasts longer?
Are porcelain or acrylic teeth better for dentures? Are porcelain or acrylic teeth better for dental implants ?
Which teeth are stronger?

Our Calgary Denture & Dental Implant Experts answer your questions!  

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