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Canadian Denture Centres

Frank C
Sep 22, 2016
Having dealt with Canadian Dentures over 4 years, they do an excellent job in providing solutions and customer service. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and things are done properly the first time. They spend the time to ensure all questions and concerns are addressed. They offer alternate solutions to consider. I would recommend their services to everyone
Andrew E
Sep 22, 2016
Having had a number of dentures over the years, Erin provided by far the best fitting, most aesthetically pleasing denture I have ever had! From the very first visit to completion the service was professional, friendly, and a very positive experience.
Angela V
Sep 21, 2016
As soon as I walked into the office I was welcomed with a warm smile from Kim & Cheery Trish – this made me feel so comfortable. Trish has been amazing throughout this entire process, she knew I didn’t want my front teeth pulled so she worked on a denture that would help them stay there, even for a couple years, which I appreciate so much. Every appointment I’ve had with Trish, she is always so friendly and happy – I am so thankful for her and how great she was at making me such a great upper denture (no one even knows they’re fake) :)

Thank you Trish!
Lois B
Sep 21, 2016
This has been an awesome experience. They explained everything from payment options, to different ways I can get my dentures to fit. Very knowledgeable on what I wanted done and explained in laymen terms, and Jessica at reception was very upbeat! I would tell anyone I know to come here for their needs regarding dentures.

Score: 5+
Jackie G
Sep 21, 2016
I had relines done on my dentures. Appointment was on time. Polite and good service in a timely manner was done for me. Came in the morning, dentures were taken out to be relined, then back in the afternoon to receive my dentures back. All properly relined and ready to go in my mouth again. I was told how to look after my new relines with soft food, and to call if there were any rough spots.

This is what I would call GREAT service!

Thank you
Sep 21, 2016
My entire experiment at Canadian Denture & Implant Centres was GREAT and above expectations! From my first phone call to book an appointment to my last appointment to get my dentures, I was treated with professionalism. Kim at reception was always attentive, knowledgeable, and friendly! My denturist was wonderful! Always professional, kind, friendly, easy to talk to, and funny. Worked to ensure my dentures were what I wanted before giving me a final fitting.

Thank you! :)
Mark N
Apr 27, 2016
My mother's experience at CDC has been phenomenal. Very friendly/courteous staff, and a very nice facility with convenient hours.
John T
Apr 27, 2016
After a week wearing my new RELINED upper denture, I feel very comfortable with it. I want to thank CDC, the denture specialists, for making it fit so snugly.
Doreen D
Apr 27, 2016
Great experience. Got in quick and the denture was fixed while I waited. Would recommend to anyone.
Thank You!
Jackie C
Apr 27, 2016
I am so happy with my new dentures. Not only do they look great, they are a perfect fit. They did a wonderful job. Now I know what dentures should feel like!
Brad B
Apr 18, 2016
My experience has been absolutely fantastic from the first time coming through the door. They are very personable, polite, and accommodating to my situation. I could not have asked for a better overall experience. I will definitely be recommending them to others.
Apr 18, 2016
I was totally ignorant on this process and it went like a charm.

Friendly people, good at what they are doing, and all done in a quick timeline.

Joy C.
Apr 18, 2016
I've had nothing but friendly, courteous, professional and compassionate treatment from the day I made my first call to the clinic. The front end staff can't do enough to make you feel welcomed and comfortable during your wait time. Trish, my denturist, made what was a very nerve-racking experience for me, very comfortable and relaxing. I would very happily recommend this clinic to anyone in need of dentures. Top notch service from beginning to end.
Thank you.
Angele F
Apr 13, 2016
Came in and had service right away. We were given all the information needed (honest opinion) we were treated kindly, effectively, and are happy with the results. We would recommend this denture office to anyone we know.
Mae G
Apr 13, 2016
I was very happy with the service I received. Trish is so nice and I didn't feel rushed. I'm happy with my new partial dentures. I'm glad this is where I was referred to by my dentist.
Kim K
Apr 13, 2016
From the first time contacting Canadian Denture Centres I was put at ease. All of the staff have taken the time to make me feel comfortable as well as taken the time to get tho know me. I am very pleased that I went with Canadian Denture Centres and I highly recommend their services.
Nicky R
Apr 13, 2016
To start with, this staff is fantastic, it's always a pleasure to come in the door.

As to the work, I'm so pleased with the dentures and all the time you have all spent to get them looking this well & now I'm going to go out and eat whatever I have not been able since before Xmas.

Thank you!
Cindy D
Mar 18, 2016
I had a wonderful experience. Both the denturist and receptionist were friendly and very helpful. They made the experience very short and I would recommend them to everyone I know!
Kevin J
Mar 18, 2016
I've had a great experience! My new teeth were made up in a timely fashion so they look and feel awesome. Corey did a very good job and I will be back and I would let others know about your great work.
Dennis T
Mar 18, 2016
Very pleasant and very easy to work with, very efficient, would recommend to any and all that ask.
John W
Mar 15, 2016
Having to replace my dentures, I searched for a reasonably priced and professional denturist. After my first visit to CDIC, I was very confident I had made a good decision. The professionalism and detailed description of the process and options, in the end, turned out to be fantastic! There is no comparison to my previous dentures... I can now move through my days without even a hint of discomfort or constantly thinking about them.
I highly recommend CDIC!
Newman W
Mar 15, 2016
I felt like I was in the hands of professionals. It was delightful to sit in the chair and get my teeth worked on by Trish. She was very pleasant all the time, and took the time to make sure everything was perfect and that I was satisfied.
And I must say that all the staff are very nice and friendly!
Frances K
Mar 15, 2016
All four appointments have been a delight. Efficiency and expertise are of professional caliber. A pleasant personality makes it easy to ask questions. My dentures are beautiful.
Thank you kindly.
Taj R
Jan 26, 2016
Office staff was super friendly. The denture specialist was so cool and friendly. Made the entire experience very relaxed and non-threatening.
And we get to enjoy the experience for another 5 years... that's all inclusive service!
Verleen P
Jan 26, 2016
I was greeted by everyone, and was explained everything. Was told of shape they were aiming for. Were gentle as I had 4 loose teeth on upper, 2 loose on the bottom. They took their time taking the impressions before and after. They fit me in when I only had 1 month to get everything done due to our insurance due to run out. After I had my teeth extracted and came back the next day for fitting, they greeted me and said how nice my teeth look. Today I feel so much more confidence in myself than I have in years. Trish was careful and very gentle with me.

My new teeth look great and I am very pleased with the workmanship and professionalism.
Doug K
Jan 26, 2016
I found the staff at CDIC to be respectful, courteous and very professional. I was having my annual check up on my dentures starting with Erin, to the fitting of my new dentures with Trish, it was a smooth process.
Thanks to all the staff for a pleasant experience!
Sharon O
Jan 26, 2016
Canadian Denture Centre has just been such a wonderful experience. Everyone here has been very kind and caring. They've really done their best to give me my smile back and they've really paid attention to fit and comfort.
Thank you so much.
Archie B
Jan 20, 2016
Very professional, procedures fully explained. Would highly recommend this company if you need dentures.

Trish made sure things fit good and explained all the details.

Friendly, caring staff.
Bob M
Jan 12, 2016
Overall the experience here was extremely good! From the moment I walked in the first time to when I received my new dentures! Staff were very courteous and helpful! Very satisfied with the results! Will not hesitate to recommend this company!
Leanne M
Jan 12, 2016
Everyone @ the clinic was very professional but friendly. I love my new dentures, they look so natural and almost a perfect fit from day one. I would totally recommend Erin & staff for all of your denture needs!
Rick K
Jan 12, 2016
My experience here was great! I was treated with a new set of teeth that fit perfect
Garnet L
Dec 23, 2015
Staff was excellent. Very helpful and caring.

Service was fast and easy to work around my schedules.

I am impressed with both service and staff.

Thank you for the excellent experience.
Dan S
Dec 23, 2015
The staff are friendly and very accommodating, very understanding, and supportive of my denture needs.

I highly recommend Canadian Denture Centres to my friends and relatives.
Kerry M
Dec 17, 2015
The service was exceptional. Very professional but more personable. It was a very easy and painless process. Thanks again!
You're good at what you do.
Ana Z
Dec 17, 2015
*It's excellent! I don't need to wait for a long time for my schedule.
*Staff are friendly and knowledgeable
*Place is clean and comfortable
*Close to my place
*For sure I will recommend to other people (friends and family)
Dec 17, 2015
The whole experience was great. The staff and denturists were very helpful to me and looked after everything so fast. Very accommodating and efficient. I will definitely return when I need too again.
Randy H
Dec 11, 2015
Erin and staff

I could never find the words to express how fortunate I was, to end up at CDC. The personal care and attention I received from Erin. The honesty and kind way she treated me. The way all the staff treated me is a reflection of how professional and passionate she is for her chosen profession. It has been an absolute honour to get to know these folks!!

I had full upper extractions a little over a year ago. I went through false teeth, and now have fixed upper implants. I couldn't say enough good things about my care and treatment. From Elsa and Kim in reception, to Erin and Trish the experts that looked after my needs. As well as the folks in the background. I would challenge anyone to find better care and attention to detail than these folks!!! No surprises in cost, no settling for good enough. You get the best.

Thanks so very much!!!
Agnes D
Dec 10, 2015
Excellent experience, professional friendly environment. Thank you for everything!
Joyce O
Dec 10, 2015
Fantastic results! Quick and professional, helped with benefits provider for pre-authorization. Great for busy people when time gets away from you...lots of helpful reminder calls.
Bruce C
Dec 10, 2015
In obtaining new dentures I have been very satisfied with the attention and services I have received.
Gord N
Nov 25, 2015
All fittings and examinations were done professionaly and kindly. When the new dentures were put in, they fit perfectly. I am able to eat corn on the cob and apples without dentures coming loose. I will and do recommend Canadian Denture & Implant Centres. I have never had to come back for any adjustments.
Thank you!
Tracie S
Nov 25, 2015
The office located in the Northland Prof. Building is by far the best denture clinic ever! From the first moment you enter right thru to your last visit, you are made to feel very comfortable & relaxed. Kim, whom greets you at the door is very personable and she does go out of her way to accommodate you! The technicians are top notch! Every step of the way you are informed of all options available to you along with their personal recommendations. You never feel pressured in any way. My dentures have never felt so great nor looked so beautiful. So thanks Trish, you are wonderful & I am extremely happy.
Garry K
Nov 24, 2015
I got my dentures relined. They feel like new again. Put them in and he knew where I had two pressure points, just by looking at them in my mouth. Fixed it and now feels great.
Frederic P
Nov 24, 2015
Good service, friendly, and gave me all the information I needed. Fast & my denture fit me perfectly.
Love it!
Nov 19, 2015
I received very good service on all my visits. They went (in my opinion) above and beyond to ensure I had a proper fit and was satisfied with my denture
Ruth L
Nov 18, 2015
Good service, very personal, glad to have nice new teeth, clean peaceful surroundings. Thanks for helping my mom, I think she's going to be much happier with them. Thanks CDC team!
Debbie S
Nov 18, 2015
My experience has been wonderful! From start to finish I felt that I was being well taken care of and no judgement was made on the condition of my old dentures. Thank you!
Paulette G
Nov 18, 2015
A lot of concern about me the patient. I thought I would feel uncomfortable without my teeth in, but they made me feel so good about me.
Joyce H
Nov 17, 2015
The consultation with Erin and the denture fitting was a VERY pleasant experience. A very caring environment with great attention to detail. I would definitely recommend this clinic!
Heather L
Nov 17, 2015
Very patient and accommodating, most impressed with how they handle elderly patients. Good service and great results!
Lorraine L
Nov 4, 2015
I brought my mom for new dentures and I have to say it was a most pleaseant experience for us both. Mom is handicapped and they patiently took the time to help her understand what she was to do -- over and never ever was impatient. Always a smile on his face, most accomodating. Explained thoroughly to me every step of the way. I recommend them to the highest degree! I will not have any problems AT ALL recommending them.
Thank you for your patience and always smiling.
Marilyn N
Nov 4, 2015
I was so crushed when I found out that I needed a top plate. I looked through the phone book for a place to go. I chose Canadian because of the name. I have no regrets. I saw Erin Derraugh. She was so gentle, understanding and compassionate. She taught me so much as to what to expect and how things would work. Erin and her team were awesome! My teeth looked so natural and beautiful. Her service and knowledge was fantastic. I have never seen a professional that went above and beyond her duty. I would recommend Erin and her team at Canadian. They are the best at what they do.
Mary G
Oct 27, 2015
Excellent experience. I was put at ease from the moment I arrived through to collection of my partial denture which fitted perfectly!
James B
Oct 27, 2015
Experience was very good. Easy to talk to & took the time to listen. Very knowledgeable & professional
Peter I
Oct 26, 2015
I had an emergency with dentures. I walked in the office, and had the most pleasant welcome with fast and reliable service. I would recommend this office on a 100% basis.
Celeste V
Oct 26, 2015
Knowledgeable staff. Great @ making appointments that work best for patients, and a very friendly receptionist
Jim M
Oct 22, 2015
Never had false teeth. The experience was really great, the help was fantastic, and any questions asked were answered straight away.
Mary D
Oct 22, 2015
Marvelous experience all the way around. The denturist was superb and service was exceptional.
Marion G
Oct 15, 2015
I have worn dentures for over 50 years and can honestly say that I had more measurements than ever before and am thrilled with the end result and how natural they look.

Added bonus was how friendly the staff were to me.

Thank you!
Robert B
Oct 15, 2015
I came to the clinic to have my upper partial repaired as two more of my own teeth had broken off. After repairing this partial, I asked the denturist to adjust my bottom partial. Even though this bottom partial was not made by this clinic, they were happy to help me!!
Betty O
Sep 9, 2015
Highly recommend. All options were explained thoroughly including choice of dentures, colour choice, and the process of taking impressions. The staff had excellent knowledge and communication skills in every aspect of my experience. A special thanks to Trisha who's kindness and abilities were greatly appreciated.
Diana D
Aug 20, 2015
Great experience with a friendly & knowledgeable group of denturists.
Highly recommended!
Barbara C
Jul 29, 2015
Extremely thorough in making sure my plates fit accurately and would not be rushed. The final result has been transforming! They feel completely natural, even though I've only had them for an hour.
Thank you!
Lorne B
Jul 28, 2015
Absolutely great! The denturist was very knowledgeable, very concerned about how my teeth will look and any pain or sores concerns.
Complete satisfaction! :-)
Mike S
Jul 23, 2015
Well it has been a long road from inital visit to final implant, and I can honestly say it has been a pleasure to deal with all the people at the Canadian Denture Centres.....Erin and her team of experts were meticulous every step of the way. From the first visit, all were beyond helpful, explaining all steps in the upcoming procedures, allowing time for questions and concerns...It was a pleasure to arrive early and talk to anyone on her team while I waited for my appointment. This has been an ongoing experience of about 7 months and I cannot say anything other than it has been an outstanding experience. Anyone who is fortunate enough to deal with Canadian Denture will be pleased with the results. Everyone is more than willing to answer any questions no matter how trivial you may think the questions are, from the basic "plastic chomper" model, to the most high tech intstruments and models....all are there to put you at ease and provide the best possible product. These people are truly artists in their field and I challenge anyone to prove me wrong....I would highly recommend Canadian Denture Centres to anyone who is considering a change to their dental health
Mike S
Jul 16, 2015
My experience with CDC with Trish was an excellent one from start to finish. My upper denture implant fits great and gives me the confidence I need in day to day life. At CDC the staff is very experienced and professional. I would recommend CDC to anyone who needs full dentures or implants, your experience will be great
Jul 13, 2015
Very cooperative and friendly. I went from whistling to singing. I am really happy with the work done. Keep up the good work!
Highly recommended.
Judie L
Jul 10, 2015
Excellent experience all around! I am impressed with their knowledge, told me exactly what to expect with tooth extraction and placement of partial plate. Everything happened exactly as it should. Follow up visit was great, I give the clinic A+++ rating! Elsa is awesome too!
Debbie D
Jul 9, 2015
When I first met Erin at Canadian Denture & Implant, I had been to two other denturists for quotes. In each of those situations, I was not impressed by the high-pressure, over-the-top sales pitch I was given. Although I knew my current dentures were no longer meeting my needs, the negative criticism seemed to be their focus, rather than answering what they would do differently. I slinked out of those two places quickly…and making sure I used hand sanitizer after I left!

Walking into Erin’s bright and modern office, greeted by a friendly face (thank you Kim) and being given a professional, polished and expert evaluation, I floated out of the office, already knowing this is the place for me. And no, hand sanitizer was not needed! After several visits and fittings, I can now say my smile is back! I have had my new smile (that is code for dentures!), for the past week and my family is so impressed! Not only by the appearance (dramatically decreased visibility of upper lip wrinkles), but also the decreased lisp.

What can I say, when you have had the experience I have had, you just want to make sure as many people as possible know about such a great team! Don’t settle for anything less than the best….you deserve it!
Carol F
Jul 8, 2015
Very professional. Great experience. Great teeth!
Shirley D
Jul 8, 2015
Extremely knowledgeable, excellent skills, pleasant manner and office staff very helpful.
Highly recommend this centre for care, follow ups, and good fitting dentures.
Todd P
Jul 8, 2015
Can't compliment your concerns to making my visits and experience more than enjoyable. I would strongly recommend to any and every person that I come in contact with, that they should not hesitate to or feel nervous about coming to visit you guys for your excellent work, and care you have taken to make sure I was comfortable.
Thank you,
Todd P
Bert van Delft
May 4, 2015
Hi!I feel as tho' I have my own teeth back.
Here is my story.
All my teeth were pulled 15 years ago and the first set of dentures were useless and painful to wear. Three Denturists later I was no better off than when I started. I carried my bottom teeth in my pocket and only put them in my mouth under extreme duress. I had given up all hope of ever having functional teeth in my mouth.
I lost my bottom teeth, was persuaded to try again, and went to the Northland mall. There I met Trish and explained to her that all I wanted to do was have teeth in my mouth that I could eat with.
I have the teeth she made for me in my mouth right now. I am very surprised, absolutely amazed and positively thrilled. I have eaten a raw carrot for the first time in 15 years. I have munched on hazelnuts - so tasty. I have lost all fear of eating in public. I know I look better with the more rounded face my teeth give me.
This note is to express my extreme gratitude to Trish and those who assisted her with the project. Thank you to my tooth fairy for seniors. My new teeth are just wonderful.
Sincerely yours - Bert van Delft
Melba Copithorne
Apr 30, 2015
I ate a prime rib stk last night First time in months .Trish and Erin are great I felt very confident with every step they took me thru I will miss going in to see them. Melba .
Cheryl Bland
Apr 6, 2015
I had a wonderful experience at the Canadian Denture Centre in Northland. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable and I really love my new smile!!!
Mar 31, 2015
Hi, my name is Gerry C. When I was very young I lost most of my teeth in a horrible accident. My journey began with dentures, partial bridges, etc., all of which fit very poorly and only lasted a couple of years. This continued for years and I became very frustrated and emotionally stressed out. My dentist finally referred me to Canadian Denture and Implant Centres. I went with much skepticism, but, after meeting with Erin, I knew I had finally found someone special in my life who was truly genuine and really cared about my personal well being. Erin made me feel like a new person and she started my treatment.
I would also like to mention, Trish, who worked meticulously and because of her great efforts I am finally smiling with great pride and confidence and of course eating properly.
Thank you so much Erin and Trish!

Angie M.
Feb 13, 2015
I had dental implant procedure recommended and done at Canadian Denture Centres. Suzanne, Stacey and George were very pleasant and exceptionally accommodating.I am pleased with the comfort provided by the implant and the fit and the natural look of the dentures.I also appreciate the "follow up" service they provide me to ensure proper care and maintenance. Thank you so much.
Feb 7, 2015
I Just want to say that they are the best bunch of people and they have given me the best experience and service in everything they do and I have never ever been so confident in smiling with my new dentures and they go above and beyond they're expectations. Trish made me feel so confident and to sum it all up...they are just amazing! I love them! I'd recommend them to anybody! Thanks to Kim and Erin as well!
Jan 19, 2015
My appointments with Canadian Denture Centre turned out to be an enjoyable experience. In the past I always feared going to a dentist or denturist, but the friendly staff made me feel so comfortable. Erin & Trish especially made me feel at ease & treated me with utmost care, making as many adjustments to my denture until I was completely satisfied. I would highly recommend these caring people to any of my friends or family. They have given me confidence, & more importantly, my "smile" back. Thank you.
Jan 19, 2015
I recently had denture work done at CDC and am very happy with the results. Erin and Trish did a wonderful job. Nothing was too much work for them. They work very well together.
Vince and Onelia Ammirati
Jan 9, 2015
My husband and I were very pleased with the service and care provided to us throughout our treatment. No details was too big or too small and attended to promptly. We would highly recommend this team!
John Verboom
Dec 19, 2014
I recently got dentures for the very first time. My first interview prior to having my teeth pulled was with Erin Derraugh. She was very easy to deal with and spent enough time explaining what would happen that I decided to go ahead with the procedure. After my teeth were pulled, I was put under the care of Trish Pitchford. My experiences with her were highly professional and very positive. I had a problem adjusting to my new dentures ( not a fault of the dentures ). Trish showed patience and kindness during this time. My experiences with all of the staff @ Canadian Denture Centres were positive. I got the distinct impression that I, as the client, was their primary concern. Everyone there that I dealt with were very positive and professional in their approach to customer care and I found the experience was very positive. I have no problems in any way to recommend this clinic at the highest level. I know that when it comes time to replace my current dentures, I will return to Canadian Denture Centres.
Brett Taylor
Dec 17, 2014
After first starting the denture procedure with a family dentist I realized that their expertise is definitely no where near that of a recognized denturist team. From my first appointment with Stacey and Suzanne I was totally comfortable with the planned procedures. Everything went smoothly and very professionally. Love the new chompers|
Alicia Ward
Dec 15, 2014
After a bad experience with a "denturist" in Cochrane, we turned to the yellow pages and looked for a clinic in NW Calgary and found Erin.
Since the first phone call to the present, Erin and her staff have been wonderful..caring, professional, and very helpful. Erin is a true person, involved not just in her profession, but the college, sports and life, in general.
We recommend the clinic, and have done so many times.
Esther Kolstad
Dec 13, 2014
With my old dentures I always hid my mouth when smiling with my hands as they where disgusting and a poor fit ,but since visiting Erin Derraughs denture clinic I can smile all day long and they look so natural. Thank you with all my heart , and the same goes for my husband, our new teeth are amazing, we are the happiest people
Thank you Jerry and Esther Kolstad
Leon Dierickse
Dec 9, 2014
Erin was very professional through my entire care. She explained everything to me, as well as answered all my questions.The aftercare has been excellent as well. From the moment I walk in the door, I am greeted with a smile and and they greet me by name. I would recommend this clinic to everyone.
Dec 7, 2014
This is the second set of partial dentures I have had made by Erin. When I knew that it was time for a new set, there was no doubt in my mind where I was going to go. I have been wearing dentures for over 40 years and have never been treated as kindly as I have by the staff at Erin's clinic. If you are in need of new dentures or need the ones you have looked at - look no further! Thanks again Erin!!
Dec 7, 2014
I recently had some of my natural teeth extracted and went for consultations to a few clinics in Calgary for partial dentures. The quality of care and inviting atmosphere from the staff at Canadian Denture Centres is what separated them from everyone else and made them stand out. After a few short appointments, I walked out with my brand new dentures and couldn't be happier. I recommend Erin and her team to anyone who needs dentures.
Brett Taylor
Dec 4, 2014
After first starting the denture procedure with a family dentist I realized that their expertise is definitely no where near that of a recognized denturist team. From my first appointment with Stacey and Suzanne I was totally comfortable with the planned procedures. Everything went smoothly and very professionally.
Huguette Kelly
Dec 1, 2014
My dentures are wonderful. A perfect fit. Thank you Stacey and Suzanne for making it such a pleasant experience.
Dec 1, 2014
I was greeted with a warm welcome by all staff and did not feel uncomfortable in any way. The staff was very informative and helpful in my decision making process. I felt they were very honest in developing a plan for me which would best suit my needs. I would highly recommend their services.
Stephen J Cisecki
Dec 1, 2014
I am very pleased with my upper & lower dentures processed by Stacey MacAulay at the Canadian Denture Centre, Riverbend clinic. Anytime I require any minor adjustments, they take the time to make sure I have a perfect fit. I would highly recommend CDC to anyone requiring dental service.
Esther Kolstad
Nov 25, 2014
Before visiting the denture clinic I had to hide my smile because they were they worst dentures ever.After visiting CDC I have the most amazing smile and they look so natural I am very happy, and the staff is the best. Thank you so much
Sherry Tweedie
Nov 25, 2014
I have been seeing Erin and George at Canadian Denture Center for many years. I love the way my dentures have a perfect fit and last for many years. I've been to other Denture Centers before and will not go back. If you are looking for an excellent denture center stop looking and go see Erin or George.
Barb Stevenson
Apr 15, 2014
I went into this clinic in distress and was treated with the utmost respect. The practitioner was kind, gentle and extremely knowageable about his profession. He knew exactly what to look for in rectifying matters and did so. He took the time to make the procedure painless and I really appreciated that. I would recommend this clinic any time.
Apr 13, 2014
Dentists and denturists are my least favorite people. So I was really surprised to find out what nice people they are, and how good their work is. They really listened to my complaints about the way I have been treated in the past, and made me a denture that fits better than anything I've ever had. And I didn't have to go back to get it adjusted again and again - it fit right the first time. Finally I've found a good one that I can trust to take care of me.
"My experience has been wonderful, everyone in the office is very polite and caring and welcoming. I've had lots of compliments. I love my teeth! It's a nice office. I've had a recent experience being around 6 girlfriends last weekend. They said oh something looks different; you're glowing. They said "oh you got new glasses" and couldn't believe I had dentures because they looked natural. It's been a positive experience. My other ones looked old and yellow." - Carol

"After consultations at different denture clinics I selected Canadian Denture Centres. From the initial consultation and on they have been very professional and informative in in developing a treatment plan for my personal needs.The clinic atmosphere is welcoming and relaxing, making my visits enjoyable. I highly recommend Canadian Denture Centres" - Keith

"Last year I had dentures made at another clinic. They were expensive and they did not fit properly. For months I fought with the denturist  until I became totally dissatisfied. A friend referred me to CDC and they were very caring and sympathetic towards problems I was having. They remade my plates and now I wear them all the time. I feel strange without them. People often ask me how I keep my teeth looking so good they are amazed when they find out they are dentures." - Rory
"I am happy with my dentures. I have worn dentures before and these look a lot better. I do very well with them. Everyone here is very professional and informative and answers my questions. The staff is  very friendly and I was well looked after" - Helen
"The service was great, everything was done in a nice timely efficient way. They put through my claim to my insurance company in a timely manner and did all the paperwork for me. It's nice that you have a couple different offices in the city to go, to work around your schedule and location. The appearance of my dentures is better than my old teeth and fit quite fine. I can eat corn on the cob, it made a big difference. The staff was nice and personable." - Wayne
"I've had such fantastic services at Canadian Dentures and Implant Centres. They really took extra time with my husband with Parkinson's and worked with a great dentist to save as many of his natural teeth as possible in conjunction with his dentures. I'd recommend them any day!" - Barbara
"I went with trepidation into this, asked a few guys who already had dentures who they'd recommend and then one fellow recommended CDC. He told me they would fix any fit problems I had with them, no problem. I'm sure glad I listened to him instead of the other guy! Right from the start the denturists where there for me, they did re-adjustments and 'sharpened' the dentures making it easy to bite through and chew food. Any work that's been done by either Denturust has been great, achieving the results I want, and all the while being done in a very professional manner. The biggest advantage of utilizing Canadian Dentures and Implant Centres is the aesthetics. These dentures look quite real and reflect a natural look, freeing me up to flash a smile that alot of people find attractive. That bolsters your self esteem and confidence, allowing you to concentrate on your work, or whatever else life tosses at you. If all the above weren't enough reasons to choose CDC, the price was absolutely fantastic! Especially when you consider what a great looking set of dentures they build for you. Getting that first one right is difficult too, but they came awfully close, so that just shows their capabilities that much better. All in all, on a price to value ratio, I 'd give the crew at CDC a perfect 10 out of 10 score! And a big thanks too!" - Vaughn
"When I first got false teeth from another denturist I looked like a chimp. The teeth were horrible and I hid my mouth constantly. Since having my new teeth done here, I am thrilled to smile and show them off. I've told all my friends about the wonderful work and friendly service. I'm happy now ." - Janet
"I am an elderly patient of Erin Derraugh DD at the Calgary Denture and Implant Centres and have been visiting this denturist for the past two years. Prior to receiving denturist care at this clinic, I had a very bad experience at another clinic where I was treated poorly with no satisfaction with either the work performed or the patient care from the clinician. The contrast between my prior experience and the work and communications given by Erin to me has her patient deserves recognition. My teeth and gum are quite sensitive and at every step of the way - preparing, fitting and subsequent adjustment of my upper and lower plates - the work has been performed with very professional care and attention to detail that has made the whole process very satisfying. Based upon my experiences for preparing, fitting and adjusting my dentures, I would highly recommend Canadian Denture & Implant Centres to anyone requiring the services of a denturist." - Marjorie
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