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Terms and Conditions

The main points

  • We will never abuse the personal information we receive from you.
  • We are obliged never to transfer your personal data or contact information to third parties, except as required by law.
  • We will not send you emails without subscribing to our newsletter. An exception may make business information extremely important.
  • We are committed, upon your first request, to provide you with the opportunity to quickly and easily unsubscribe from our email list.

Justification of Terms and Conditions

One of the main principles is the most thorough protection of any personal information of partners and/or customers. Thus, these terms and conditions are the basis on which we undertake not to distribute your personal information transmitted to us during a visit to the website.

The condition of strict observance is related to any data that we receive about customers and which even theoretically correlate with a particular person. The same condition holds true for our partners who have entered into a binding relationship with us.

Receiving and processing personal data

Personal data belongs to the information that in one way or another indicates your identity. This can be either the first and last name, or postal or e-mail addresses. Our company never requires your personal data, except in situations where it is necessary for our cooperation, for example, when registering on the site, activating certain services, placing orders or subscribing to newsletters.

The personal information that is collected in the process of using the site includes:

  • your full name;
  • email address;
  • phone number.

Application and publication of personal data

We use information collected about you exclusively when solving technical problems, for example, to open up the possibility of using special sections or contact you. Our company undertakes to never disclose your personal information to third parties. This agreement includes all of our employees.

All personal data collected by our site belong exclusively to you. However, by giving us information about yourself, you agree to allow us to use them for legitimate purposes, for example, without restrictions:

  • when placing orders on the site;
  • when disclosing your personal information to third parties when placing orders for goods or services provided by them using our resource;
  • when monitoring the implementation of the “User Agreement”;
  • to optimize the functionality and content of the portal;
  • when leaving feedback.

Data collected automatically

When you visit My Canadian Pharmacy, some non-personal information is recorded automatically. These include:

  • browser program identifier;
  • an IP address;
  • type of operating system;
  • Internet provider/domain information;
  • list of visited pages;
  • the products you viewed in the catalog;
  • frequency of visits to the site;
  • average time spent on it.

The purpose of collecting such data is to get statistics, which will allow us to optimize the functionality of the site, as well as to improve and expand its content. It will also allow you to personalize your activity on the site, for example, by using cookies. Cookies are small files that are recorded on the hard disk of your PC and stored there for some time.

With the help of cookies, our site will be able to recognize you on your next visit, immediately set the required settings and take into account your preferences. All this information, as well as confidential data, will not be transmitted to anyone else.

The company also notifies its users that it keeps statistics with the help of aggregated information about users. In addition, it can apply it for any purposes that are not prohibited by law. Aggregated information is generalized information about users, deprived of individual features, that is, combined together for various reasons.