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Category: Tips & Tricks

5 Facts About Dental Implants That Will Put Your Mind at Ease

Although dental implants are the best option for tooth replacement, you might be worried that the procedure isn’t right for you. Are they really safe? Won’t people be able to tell they’re fake? Aren’t they unnatural? Wouldn’t dentures be easier? These are common concerns, but you shouldn’t let them stop you from considering dental implants Here are the facts: 1. The procedure is safe and effective The thought of inserting an artificial tooth replacement into your gums might seem scary. As long as you invest in a trained denturist, the procedure is overwhelmingly likely to go well. Success rates are about 98%. As far as pain is concerned, an implant is much better for long-term comfort than traditional dentures. In fact, many of our patients say the procedure is less uncomfortable than having their teeth cleaned. 2. No one will be able to tell the difference  No one wants to…

Prevent Your Dentures From Giving You Pneumonia

Prevention is the best medicine, and for the elderly, every ounce of prevention is well worth it. A study published in The Journal of Dental Research suggests that going to bed with your dentures on could increase your risk of pneumonia significantly. The study involved 524 elderly individuals aged 81 and older and looked at which ones routinely wore their teeth to bed. It turned out that 41 percent of nighttime wearers had more than double the risk of developing pneumonia. Why Only 41 Percent? Bacteria reaches the lungs when it is breathed in, but it doesn’t always cause lung problems from its presence there; another contributing factor is a weak immune system. Why Are There Risks Associated with Wearing Them All Night But Not All Day? Sleep creates the perfect opportunity for plaque and bacteria to grow in the mouth and also to be inhaled into the lungs. Prevent…

The Dental Threats of Mouth Breathing At Night And What You Can Do

You have probably heard the conventional dental advice: floss daily, brush your teeth two to three times a day and see your denture specialist every six months. But new research and technologies continue to change the field of dentistry and oral surgery, and new guidelines and advice are starting to emerge that you might not have thought about before. Breathing through your mouth at night is something that, unfortunately, you don’t realize you are doing. It probably annoys you to wake up with a dry mouth in the morning, but there are a number of problematic causes and effects that come from being a nocturnal mouth-breather, including the effect it can have on your teeth. A recent study by the Dentsply Research Foundation published in the Journal of Oral Rehabilitation determined that nocturnal mouth-breathers are at a higher risk for cavities because of a lower intraoral pH level in your…

Tips For Getting Used To Your Dentures

When you begin using your dentures you can expect a period of time to pass before you are fully comfortable with your new smile. Fortunately there are a number of suggestions you can follow to make the transition smoother. Keep in mind it may take a few weeks to become familiar with your dentures. The tissues of your gums are adjusting at the same time as you are to the feel and use of the dentures. As your mouth heals, living with the dentures will become second nature for your mouth and for you. Often the lower denture is harder to manage than the upper, so give yourself more time to get used to that portion. Be careful as you may bite down on your tongue or cheeks until you are more used to the dentures. Wear The Dentures Follow the advice of your denturist, keeping the dentures inserted even…