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Why Implant Dentures Might Be Right For You

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Dental care for those who need to replace missing, broken or diseased teeth is constantly evolving. Dentures have been an option for centuries and the traditional denture keeps improving with more natural looking teeth and a more comfortable fit. Reasonable prices and the long history of this approach to improving both dental and over all health makes choosing dentures sensible for many.

Much more recently implant dentistry was developed and is becoming a common alternative when natural teeth cannot be saved. Currently one tooth or a mouthful may be replaced using implants. This solution can be costly and involves a several step process that anchors the new teeth into your jaw’s bony structure. Despite this many people are now opting for this solution, which really is almost better than having our own natural teeth.

Problems With Traditional Dentures

Removable dentures have a lengthy “breaking in” period traceable in most instances to the movement of the dentures within the mouth. Current denture technology uses suction and sometimes adhesives to retain the new teeth in place. Sores can develop and the wearer may find eating and speaking with these movable teeth tedious and embarrassing.

Often denture owners may avoid wearing them because of discomfort and shame. This can cause damage to the underlying structures of the mouth and interfere with proper nutrition. Socialization can decrease causing feelings of isolation and depression when the dentures are not worn.

Issues With Implants

The fitting and inserting of a few new teeth can be done fairly quickly using this technology but cost can be a real barrier if many teeth need replacing. For some people the time it takes to replace many teeth in this manner also creates a problem, and other have lost bone mass in some areas which may make them difficult to insert in some parts of the mouth.

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Implant Dentures

If you have a number of teeth that need to be replaced an option may be a combination of dentures and implants. Called implant dentures or implant retained dentures, this hybrid technology uses implanted anchors in your jaw to which the dentures are attached. Complete dentures can be attached in this way or partial dentures or bridges combined with implants can be the solution.

One common way to blend the technologies is with dentures that still can be removed, and which are snap-attached to two or more implants. Easy to take out to clean yet much more stable than simple dentures, this option is also reasonable in cost as compared to multiple implants.
Other options include fixed implant supported bridges. At least four implant supports secure the bridge of teeth necessary to replace missing or damaged natural teeth. Dentures on an implant bar may also be suggested, using three to five implants to anchor a number of replacement teeth.

Benefits Of Implant Dentures

An obvious advantage of implant dentures is the stability. No longer relying upon suction or adhesives to keep the dentures in place provides security and a feeling of confidence traditional dentures cannot offer. Challenges for denture wearers such as speech impediments or difficulty chewing are greatly minimized when implants keep the chewing surfaces and front teeth steady.

Simply put, implanted dentures allow the wearer to enjoy a much wider variety of foods without difficulty. This, of course, is very beneficial to the general health of the wearer. Anxiety and embarrassment are also reduced, contributing to a feeling of ease and well being perhaps for the first time in years. It is also reported that a wearer’s sense of taste is enhanced when these permanent supports are used instead of traditional dentures.
Implants also eventually become part of the jawbone through a process called osseointegration. The inclusion of the implants in the dental restoration plan improves bone health. The absorption bone that occurs with traditional dentures is slowed or stopped, ensuring the jawbone is maintained and facial shape is preserved.

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