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Dental Imaging Ensures Proper Implant Treatment


There are a lot of complicated steps involved in dental treatments, particularly when those treatments include implants. Though there are clear end goals, the planning process is very important. To help with that preparation process, our CDIC denture specialists use imaging technologies before you are even treated for your dental needs. But what exactly is dental imaging?

Dental imaging is a tool that allows your denture specialist to take images of your mouth as part of the planning for your treatment. The imaging is easy and painless to do and provides your denture specialist with a detailed image of your teeth and jaws. The most commonly used type of imaging is x-rays.

How is dental imaging used?

Proper imaging will give your CDIC denture specialist a more accurate picture of your dental needs. With the x-rays in hand, your dental needs can be matched with the treatments available to improve your health and give you the smile you want. X-ray images give a better look than typical physical examination.

Why is dental imaging used for implant treatments?

Dental imaging is typically used for dental treatment planning because it is a more comprehensive look at your mouth, including unseen dental problems below the surface. When we are preparing you for dentures or other dental procedures, it is imperative that we have a clear understanding of your mouth health.

If your denture specialist gives you dentures or implants without imaging, the treatments may not be fitted properly to your mouth and dental needs. This can lead to discomfort or pain, or other problems with the implants or treatments. This can lead to more treatments to fix the problems, which causes increased time, energy, and costs to you.

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However, if your CDIC denture specialist uses imaging as part of the preparation for your treatment, your implants will fit properly and will meet your dental health needs without problems.

For more information about dental imaging and implant treatments, contact a denture specialist at Canadian Denture & Implant Centres today.