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How Smokers Can Reduce and Control Erectile Dysfunction?

Smoking and Erectile Dysfunction

Since 1998, when Viagra came into the markets, curing and living with erectile dysfunction (ED) has become rather easier. There are lots of ways to help those suffering from ED. However, many have actually forgotten simple things that could be key to getting rid of erectile dysfunction – simple things like quitting smoking. The latest research has indicated that smoking could be one of the biggest causes of erectile dysfunction. Give up smoking and you will overcome erectile dysfunction!

Smoking and Erectile Dysfunction: Study Conducted

This, however, is not new- there have been many conclusive studies trying to establish a firm link between smoking and erectile dysfunction. What was unique about a recent study, which results were also presented in the annual conference of the American Heart Association in Miami, is that it adjusted all other risk factors before giving out its results. It helped establish that smoking is independently a risk factor that contributes towards erectile dysfunction.  In fact, quitting smoking can help men who do not have erectile dysfunction get a faster and firmer erection. Researchers discovered that men who successfully quit smoking had a thicker and more rigid erection, getting arousal over 5 times faster than smokers. This study consisted of 65 male smokers looking to quit. They were part of an 8-week quit program. The results of the study:

  • 31% of men had successfully quit smoking and had firmer and wider relaxations compared to the men that relapsedж
  • 21% of these men had erectile dysfunction when the study began;
  • 75% of the men did not have erectile problems once they quit smoking.
  • 61% of those who reported having ED at the start of the study, and had not quit smoking, also witnessed an improvement in their conditions.
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All of this comes together to reveal one simple thing – for smokers looking to improve their sex lives, the best way is to quit smoking. As compared to non-smokers, smokers are almost at double risk of developing erectile dysfunction. Smoking affects circulation to every part of the body, which includes the penis as well, which consequently makes achieving and holding erection harder.

Why quit smoking?

Once a person quits smoking:

  • his blood pressure improves;
  • the risks of a heart attack reduce;
  • blood circulation becomes better in 2-12 weeks.

An independent study revealed that smoking was also causing an abnormal decrease in one’s blood pressure in the penis. Thus, long-term smoking also causes of increased physiological damage apart from erectile dysfunction.

In younger men, erectile dysfunction is more common among those who smoke, as opposed to those that never did, thus suggesting that smoking may be behind their erectile dysfunction. For heavy smokers, developing erectile dysfunction is much more likely, and quitting smoking can improve symptoms of ED. However, with age, the severity of erectile dysfunction before quitting smoking, as well as other health issues, may affect degree by which a healthy erectile function can be achieved back.

So for those looking to quit and get off, buy any medication for erection. Quitting smoking is obviously the first, and it may just be too hard for some- but it is not impossible. Today, it is easy to discover the cause of ED and find out the best ways to deal with it. There are also many prescription and over the counter ED meds that help smokers to improve erectile function. Finding alternatives to smoking and related activities can help, like exercising and ways to keep one’s mind and hands busy.

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As one quits smoking, making other lifestyle changes, such as regular exercise and keeping a healthy diet plan, can also help. Especially for young adults, they can fully or partially get back their erectile function by just kicking the habit. While quitting smoking may take some time and effort at first, with determination and conviction, one can easily achieve that.